Our Services

  • Skilled negotiator, team-builder, and analyst

  • Accomplished public policy developer and tactical strategist

  • Expert communicator of key business issues before legislators and industry associations

  • Broad experience in building strategies for lessening or avoiding governmental regulations

Telecommunications Legal Counsel

  • Franchise Activities:

    • Negotiate, draft and finalize franchise/license documents with local governments, in support of area-wide local service and long-distance construction projects; advocate corporate positions before government regulators at state and local levels; negotiate customer-driven network expansion sites.

    • Identify legal restrictions hampering competition and provide counsel to cross-business unit teams in developing communication for state PUC/PSCs and local units of government; monitor and negotiate the development of Ordinances of General Application among municipalities through the U.S.

    • Initiate industry partner coalitions to develop common principles of regulatory strategy; negotiate with Municipal Leagues, Chambers of Commerce, industry groups and state legislatures to initiate, draft, and support favorable Right-of-Way legislation; participate in industry groups to develop uniform policies regarding franchise issues; participate in state Communications Task Forces to develop statewide rules and regulations for the telecommunications industry in Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, Utah and Wisconsin.

  • Restoration and Upgrade Activities:

    • Evaluate relocation issues and determine reimbursement rights and the need for a grant of alternate Right-of-Way (ROW); Negotiate, draft and finalize reimbursement agreements and grants of alternate ROW;

    • Coordinate the following: (1) relocation with multiple carriers and multiple entities; (2) efforts of outside counsel, R&U, network operations, and engineering; (3) major function groups on the collection of fiber cuts data and evidence; (4) OSP Services on demands and collection for reimbursements of relocations of systems;

    • Provide training and form development; Cover the southeast region of the U.S. (one-third of the country).

Other Legal Experience

  • Trial Lawyer and Real Estate Attorney

    • complex commercial and business litigation

    • real estate litigation

    • commercial real estate law

    • contract negotiation and administration

    • partnership matters

    • administrative law

    • employment relations

    • First Chair experience with individual, corporation, and bankruptcy litigation practice in federal and state courts

    • coordinated and developed litigation strategy

    • Assisted in administration and operation of law firms

    • prepared case files for trial from interview through trial

    • assisted experienced or inexperienced lawyers with trial preparation and argument

    • taught legal principles and legal terminology in post-secondary school in Dallas.